Our Quality

All individuals are dedicated to provide excellent quality services to our customers. We are always continuing to improve our performance to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • Constant reviewing of work procedures and objectives for improvement.
  • Proficient provision of services to meet customer expectations
  • Ensure all our employees have the best knowledge and skills to perform their task.
  • Providing trainings and upgrading courses to employees.

Using leading technology to enhance our work efficiency and effectiveness.

Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment are the most important concepts for Pengrui Offshore. We aim to create a safe working environment for all employees and workers to ensure no accidents and injuries occurred.

We strive toward a healthy working environment which provides job fulfillment.
• We provide sufficient control of health and safety hazards in our workplace.
• Ensure all employees are capable and fit to perform their given tasks.
• We monitor our employees’ health daily to safeguard any risks involved
• Discussion with our employees on matters regarding health and safety
• Continuous review and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions.
Our Ultimate objective is to make sure nobody gets hurt. In order to achieve this, all individual and employees must be responsible for their own and other’s safety and also maintaining a high level of safety awareness around the clock.

• We stop all work and operations immediately if found any unsafe practices.
• We ensure there are sufficient information, training and clear instructions given to all workers before starting of each job.
• We must follow and comply with any directions given by management for safety issues.
• Report all accidents to your supervisor immediately.
• To consult and work closely with workers in all issues related to workplace safety.
• Report all hazards to the management regardless how insignificant they are. Safety is everybody’s responsibility.

We are working enthusiastically to attain our aim to prevent pollution and emissions to the environment.

• Assessing and monitoring our environmental features and impacts.
• We reduce any possible damaging impact to the environment by using effective technologies.
• Implementing solutions in compliance with rules and regulations of government organizations.
• Proactively ensure emergency procedures are available to minimums the damage to the environment in event of any accidents incurred.

Our Clients

Our customers include drilling contractors, shipyards , oilfield services providers and LNG companies .