During 2021~2022, Pengrui company had successfully delivered a series of products (Towing Package, Bearing Pad and Material Handing Packages) for the N999 Tortue Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) platform, the world’s largest natural gas treatment FPSO platform.

The platform is designed and built by China Cosco Shipping. It is 270 meters long and 54 meters wide and has a maximum displacement of about 320,000 metric tons. It covers an area of two football pitches and is as high as a 10-storey building.

The platform is designed to serve for 30 years and is able to store at least 1.44 million buckets of natural gas.

About our bearing pad products,the bearings operate for a service life of 25 years without replacement and their primary purpose is to reduce the effect on the topsides modular structures of deflections induced in the hull by wave actions and other influences.

The design demonstrate the service integrity for the cyclic imposed loads and deflections to which the bearings will be subjected.

For our material handing packages which include Lifting and Handling Devices and Associated Equipments, these components and selected materials are suitable and designed for severe marine and industrial plant environment. This type of environment are corrosive, humid and even salty conditions. Our material handling packages are designed for such outdoor application.

Our Company will always focus on Oil and Gas and New Energy Industry and we strive to do our best to complete our Goal ”Green Earth Thinking”.